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the Sanctuary Gallery in New Bern now exhibits work by Jude Lobe

The Sanctuary Gallery is New Bern’s newest art gallery and is artist owned & operated representing regional and national artists. The fine art and fine craft gallery has a diverse collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and hand-crafted jewelry.

NEW BERN, N.C. – Oct. 12, 2017 – PRLog — Jude Lobe works as a graphic designer and visual artist. Nature is her muse. A love of nature has been a continual thread throughout her life and Lobe’s paintings and enamels are inspired by the natural environment. “My desire is to capture the emotion of the scene with texture, brush strokes, glazes and colors chosen from the palette of the environment I’m painting. It’s the memory of the place or experience that I want to express.” Lobe’s process begins with a walk outside, then followed with quick sketches and color notes. Then back at the studio to begin painting the images remembered.

As a professional artist having to pay 40% – 50% commission to galleries, Lobe began looking for alternative ways to sell art. Over the past two decades, some artists have found that owning and running their own gallery by themselves or with several other artists can be very successful. In 2007, she joined with 14 other artists to open Hillsborough Gallery of Arts outside Chapel Hill, NC. This year the gallery has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Some reasons an artist may want to open their own gallery. The artist is in charge of what gets exhibited. It also brings you together with other artists where you can exchange ideas about art. It becomes a space to experiment in your creative arena and test drive it to potential customers. You get to talk with clients and hear what they have to say about your art.

So why would an artist who is successful in their own gallery be willing to exhibit in another gallery? “When I heard that artist Chris Wagner was opening his own gallery and was looking for artists to exhibit in his gallery, I was eager to support another fellow artist’s endeavor”, replies Lobe. “He has taken a sad looking building and completely renovated it and made an elegant space for art. The space is fresh, contemporary, inviting and designed to highlight artworks. It was hard to turn him down. And I am also a huge fan and owner of his artwork.”

In the last five years, Lobe has been painting less in oils and concentrating on cold wax & oil and encaustics (hot wax). Her theme is earth and sky and the connections between us and the natural world. “As a part of nature, I believe we need to respect the connection we have with the natural environment and with others. In nature things change, evolve. Like a forest goes through an ecological succession, so do we as individuals evolve and are at present a compilation of bits and pieces of the experiences we traveled.” This idea Lobe translates in her art and finds the cold wax and oil lends itself perfectly in expressing this idea. It affords the opportunity to show a history of the painting by building up layers, obscuring what’s beneath, and removing layers to reveal bits of past layers. It represents the history of a life that becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of it’s past experiences.

As a regular exhibitor at the Sanctuary Gallery, Lobe shows her works in cold wax & oil, encaustics and oil paintings. This month she also is part of the SMALL FOR FALL event, opening Friday, October 27th, 5 pm – 8 pm. In the small paintings show Lobe has several encaustic paintings for sale.

New Bern is a charming place to visit any time of year. The Small for Fall event at the Sanctuary Gallery would be well worth a stop on your trip. And you might even catch Chris painting, as he has his studio set up within a space in the gallery.


Chris Wagner