Thank you for visiting my Jude Lobe Fine Art cold wax and encaustic paintings website. Here you will find artworks for homes and businesses, and information about encaustic workshops.

Nature is my muse. I’m inspired by its unrelenting qualities of rejuvenation and renewal. In nature things change, evolve. Like a forest goes through an ecological succession, so do we as individuals evolve. This idea I want to translate through my art. Cold Wax & Oil and Encaustics lend itself perfectly in expressing this idea. It affords the opportunity to show a history of the painting by building up layers, obscuring what’s beneath and removing parts of layers to reveal bits of past layers. It represents the history of a life that becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of the experiences we traveled.

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Beginning in June, 2018, you will be able to find my work at Cedar Hill Studio & Gallery, 196 N. Main. St., Waynesville, NC.